Access types

PX-Backup supports the following three types of access for sharing your backups:

  • View only access: permits the user or group to only view the shared backup(s). The user can neither use those backups, nor restore them. View only access secures critical backups from unauthorized restore and deletion.

  • Restore access: allows the user or group to view and also restore the shared backups on their cluster. Restore access safeguards critical backups from deletion.

  • Full access: provides complete access to backups and enables a user or group to view, restore, update the backup details and also delete the shared backups.

When you share a backup with the users or groups by granting full access or restore access, PX-Backup also shares backup locations and cloud accounts associated with that backup.

NOTE: To grant restore access or full access to a single backup to a user or a group, you must own the backup location and cloud account associated with the backup. If not, regardless of the access type granted by you, the shared user gets view only access.
CAUTION: If a shared user with full access deletes shared backup(s), then those backup(s) get deleted for the backup owner, shared user(s) and group(s).

Last edited: Tuesday, Sep 13, 2022